Your Best Work

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Your Best Work

The desire to keep things fresh and new in your portfolio can sometimes overwhelm your better judgement, and a sub-par design/illustration/photo can make its way into your:

  • Online portfolios*
  • Physical portfolios
  • Samples

We’ve all done work that we can admit isn’t our best (often it’s because a client thinks they know better- or at least that’s our story!) and it’s not unusual for a designer, illustrator or photographer to display a version that they prefer even though it wasn’t chosen by the client. If you’re not happy with the work, however, it behooves you to leave it out so potential clients can see the good stuff you’re capable of creating.

Considering the photograph above, if you want a potential client to hire you for your good work, don’t advertise with an unsightly stump on your client’s front lawn.

stinkin' designer

On the other hand, you have to appreciate that the owners of the Low Budget Tree & Landscaping company freely disclose that if you hire them to do cheap work, it’ll show.

Sort of like if a business owner hires his nephew who just got Photoshop to design the company’s business cards.


*Online portfolios: There are so many of them and it can be difficult to keep track of where we are displaying our work. After a while, a favorite piece falls out of favor and so it’s truly necessary to keep tabs on those portfolio sites so they can stay fresh.

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