What I Saw at Boston Comic Con 2012

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What I Saw at Boston Comic Con 2012

In my previous post, How to Get Noticed at a Comic Con, I talked about some ways exhibitors at Comic Cons can improve their odds of getting more attention for their work. In this post I’m just a fan.

The Fan Boy Side of My Day:

I’m a newbie to Comic Cons. I don’t know why as I’ve collected comics since 1984 when my friend Abe saw a drawing I did of Spider-man that I copied from the Sunday Funnies. “Did you hear Spider-man got a new black costume? I’ll loan you the book.” And I was hooked. I’ve been to smaller local shows such as MICE, but Boston Comic Con 2012 was my first real entry into the wild world of penny dreadful hocking and over the top (but in a good way) costuming.

Batman heroes and villains

Batman heroes and villains... and a little Captain America

WOW the costumes were amazing! I never found out what the costume contest prizes were but judging by the quality of the entrants, I would guess they
included a car and a couple of free overseas trips.

Flash Villains

Flash’s Rogue Gallery kindly obliged me by striking a well-choreographed pose. Sinestro
was very authentic and the huge robot guy was incredible but my favorite had to be Spidey with the baby stroller. I mean, the guy’s gotta age sometime, right?

I strode up and down the aisles taking in all the signage and names and artwork on display. There were very long lines for Kevin Eastman and the Mad Magazine legends Al FeldsteinAl Jaffee and Paul Coker Jr. Ed McGuiness seemed to be working non-stop on commissions.

I hung around Alex Maleev who was busily working on a Daredevil illustration with pencil and watercolor. I brought up the article I read where he urged artists to learn how to create images their own way and not to try to figure out how he does it and replicate that. I respect that.

Stephanie Buscema had her gorgeous illustrations on display and I found myself hovering just to try to absorb some of her talent.

Alex Maleev

Alex Maleev draws and paints Daredevil

Back in the 90’s I interned in the Punisher office for editor Don Daley. I met Mark Texeira a number of times when he came through to visit and drop off art. I remembered him as a warm, friendly guy and was glad to see in 2012 that hadn’t changed. We spent some time talking and I recounted a couple stories about him. One was about how he would drive Don crazy because Mark was ADAMANT that the Punisher should always have a 5 o’clock shadow. “Why would he shave before he goes out to kill someone?”

I was glad to see the line for Joe Sinnott and the number of people sitting behind his table with the same last name. I enjoyed watching as he drew The Thing with a Sharpie.

Bill Sienkiewicz was kind enough to clarify how to pronounce his name for me but the video I took is of such poor quality I can’t bring myself to upload it. Pronounce: Sin-KEV-itch

There was a lot of great stuff on sale and loads of famous and soon to be famous artists selling and showing their work. And I think the Con was made really great because of the fans- most especially the colorful characters all around.

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Tex and me with somebody's commission of the Hulk

Kevin Eastman

Kevin Eastman's line went down the hall and stayed there all day


Stephanie Buscema's beautiful illustrations

Joe Sinnott

Joe Sinnott signs a book for a fan

Al Jaffee

Al Jaffee is interviewed