Webinar: The New World of Web Fonts

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Webinar: The New World of Web Fonts

Our next event is an online webinar with interactive designer/instructor Erik Fadiman.

Creative Relay Partners

Our partners for this event are Massachusetts College of Art & DesignAIGA Boston and Rhode Island School of Design.

You can register for this webinar HERE.


About this Webinar:

The New World of Web Fonts

Creative Typography for the Web

A Creative Relay Webinar

Wednesday, April 18 at 3:00 p.m. EDT

Verdana, Times and Arial beware! The era of ‘web safe’ fonts is over. Thanks to advances in technology, font licensing, and improved web browsers, interactive designers now have a broad range of options for working with type on the web.

Get the skinny from interactive designer and instructor Erik Fadiman on where to get Web Fonts and how to use them to make your website or your clients’ websites searchable, functional, and importantly, eye-catching.

In this online webinar, you will learn:

Font Licensing: A brief history of the legal debate
The allure of web fonts; the continued importance of the font-stack
How to start using fonts in your websites today
Sorting through the different free and paid options
The various font file formats you need to be familiar with
Explaining web fonts to your clients
Limitations, liabilities and compatibility issues
Additional typographic styling tips and tricks with CSS3

Break free from the shackles of “web-safe” fonts and join us to discover the new creative possibilities for web typography.

More info or Register here

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