Top Cow Talent Hunt 2012 Results

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Top Cow Talent Hunt 2012 Results

We’ve received a few messages from folks asking about the outcome of Top Cow’s Talent Hunt so here’s the info including links to more information.

Top Cow received about 300 art submissions and over 800 writing submissions “some of which submitted more than once for a total of 1100 different synopsis/script submissions.”  Matt Hawkins, Top Cow’s President and Chief Operating Officer, took on the task of going through the writing submissions while CEO Marc Silvestri handled the art after Hawkins narrowed down those submissions.

2 artists were selected*: -Rom- (Italy) and Martin Gimenez (USA)

3 writers were selected: Eugene Ward (Australia), Hannibal Tabu (USA) and Kenneth Porter (USA)

At the link below you can view and read the winning submissions. And it seems that Hawkins is happy with how this hunt went and will be kicking off another one for 2013.

As for future Talent Hunts, this one went off so well, Hawkins says there are already plans for another set to begin this summer. “We are doing a 2013 Talent Hunt! The specific rules will be released at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, but an advance heads up is that there will be 4 winning one-shots and they’ll feature a Darkness or Witchblade bearer…”

To read the full article and view/read the winning submissions, visit the Comic Book Resources website.

Read our interview with Matt Hawkins called:

A Foot in the Door at Top Cow’s Talent Hunt 

and Advice to Aspiring Comic Book Writers and Artists by Top Cow’s Matt Hawkins


*It’s interesting to view the winning art submissions side-by-side. All art submissions were based on the same 8-page Ron Marz story so we get to see how the (winning) artists made the story their own.

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