Post-Webinar (Putting the Free in Freelance)

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Post-Webinar (Putting the Free in Freelance)

On February 26, 2014, Justin and I presented our webinar Putting the Free in Freelance for the RISD community (and beyond).

Justin’s presentation began with the basics of setting up your business (EIN, gmail etc) and also went into finer detail (accounting software, presentation software, portfolio websites etc) all for the price of FREE.

Not everything can be done for free (while being of high quality) so Justin also shared our recommendations for where to get your business cards printed (and a certain online printer to avoid. Begins with a “V”).

As we discussed using Square to take payments with your phone or tablet and selling at Square Market, the conversation detoured slightly as we uncovered a myriad of other online options for selling the goods that artists make.

Ever wonder where to find fonts or how to discover what’s ‘cool’ in fonts? Or where to find free stock photos? Yeah, Justin covered that.

Thank you again RISD Alumni Association for hosting our webinar.

We have one more scheduled webinar for March 18:

Pixels to Ink is a printing primer for designers to orient our digital minds with the analog reality of printing. We’ll cover RGB vs CMYK vs PMS and understand how to make what’s on our screen something that can be translated onto paper.

March 18 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.


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