Caffeinated Illustrators- October 2013

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Caffeinated Illustrators- October 2013

Recently, Creative Relay did what very few entities have ever been able to do: we got a bunch of illustrators to leave their studios for a few hours! These freelancers were forced together to schmooze, drink coffee and share chicken stories.

Illustration by Gary Lacoste

Illustration by Gary LaCoste

In attendance were Lisa Graves, Jannie Ho, Gary LaCoste, Lauren Scheuer and Ed Shems and the discussion included:

Drawing impliments of choice (see header image), upcoming published books, coffee, robots, blogging, superheroes, interviews, speaking at schools, promoting the business, making buttons, chickens, one of the Spice Girls, heavenly cupcakes and social media.

That’s just to name a few items since the conversation was all over the place (did I mention we were all drinking coffee?).

Afterwards Gary created the illustration you see above depicting each of the illustrators (and multiples of a certain attendee and transcriber of events. Ahem).

Table of Illustrators

A Table of Illustrators

We’re looking forward to the next gathering!

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