Caffeinated Illustrators- December 2013

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Caffeinated Illustrators- December 2013

Well, we did it again. During this crazy holiday season where there are 5 billion things to do at once, a group of illustrators got out of their studios and met for coffee and to schmooze. I suppose it helped that we met inside a shopping mall across from a cupcake place.


In attendance were Jannie HoGary LaCosteLauren Scheuer, Dan Moynihan and Ed Shems and the discussion included:

Naming your business, battle of Chicken Girls, Lauren’s new book, Dan’s new book, SCBWI (In Springfield, MA this coming May, 2014), the tight education market, the end of the Highlights’ Illustrator Parties, picture book length (typically 32 pages), Agentquest, dealing with contracts, promotion, superheroes, when to leave an editor alone, custom cookie tins, and tons more.

Here’s what each illustrator has been up to (minus a few confidential items):

Jannie Ho: Robots (intentionally vague), new puzzles, activity books

Gary LaCoste: Spot illustrations, private label cereal box, ebook and self-promo cookie tins (see photo below)

Lauren Scheuer: A new (non-chicken) book in the works, promoting Once Upon a Flock with talks and library visits through June

Dan Moynihan: Working on getting his masters, first picture book is in the works

Ed Shems: Creating animation for movie theatre chain, college textbook illustrations, pro-bono invitation design, shoveling

We missed our regular gatherer Lisa Graves who was off pitching to Target at their HQ in Minneapolis.

A great time talking and sharing. Plus I walked out of the mall with cookies from Gary (‘s wife) and a package of cupcakes.


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