How Superheroes Use Social Media

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How Superheroes Use Social Media

Creative Relay co-founder Ed Shems has just posted on his blog a new personal project that’s a fun take on the proliferation of social media options.


I asked Ed how this project came about:

“It all started in my sketchbook a little while back. I drew a bad guy reading a tweet from Batman who was getting ready to pounce on the guy. That illustration got modified  into the illustration of the Punisher using Foursquare, but it got the wheels turning in my head.”

Punisher FourSquare

 “So one idea led to another and I found myself spending whatever free time I could scrape together working on the illustrations. Interestingly, this coincided with me starting to drink caffeinated coffee.”

hulk Amazon

“A bunch of my illustrations in this series involve Batman because he’s just the perfect straight man! Any joke is funnier when you put in The Dark Knight. ‘Batman and Costello do Who’s on First?’ That might actually be better than the original!”

Batman Tweets

Naturally, there have to be some selfies in the series. Here’s Jayna of the Wonder Twins taking an inappropriate selfie (her brother is photobombing) and posting it on Instagram:

wonder twin Selfies Jayna

To see the rest of the illustrations in this series (currently there are 8 of them) go to Ed’s Blog or his Behance portfolio. He’s also selling prints at his Etsy shop.

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