An EIN: A Simple Way to Protect Yourself

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An EIN: A Simple Way to Protect Yourself

Even a freelancer who does a small amount of business will at some point have a client who is going to need a W9 form so that they can report their payments to you on their taxes. For many of us, this means filling out a simple federal form with name, address, and of course, Social Security number: everything a budding identity thief would need to run off with a few jet skis and maybe a small condo on Lake Tahoe in your name. Considering how there’s really no way for you to be certain how protective the client can be over this information, it’s a good idea to protect yourself.

How? With an Employer Identification Number (EIN). It’s a special number issued by the IRS that’s tied to your SSN. Since it’s not your Social, it provides a layer of protection in case it ends up in the wrong hands. You don’t need to have an LLC or anything. Additionally, it sets you up as a legitimate business which allows you to easily open a business banking account, get a business credit card, and even register as a reseller with certain vendors (meaning you won’t pay sales tax, your clients do.)

Here’s the best part: you can apply for an EIN in a matter of minutes online. Be certain to write that number down in a few places as it’s a pain to get a reminder or a new EIN.

Get an Employer Identification Number

Start here and click the “Apply Online Now” button…


…which brings you to the page below, and then you’re on your way.



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