Baman Piderman on Kickstarter

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Baman Piderman on Kickstarter

Update: At the end of the Kickstarter campaign, Baman Piderman had more than doubled their initial goal of $50k! Wow!

First of all, if you’ve never heard of this animated series, yes, it’s spelled correctly in the title. Baman Piderman. Although they share a resemblance with certain famous movie-making superheroes, they’re really nothing like them and the stories that creators Lindsay Small and Alex Butera have put together are wacky and, frankly, unusual.

In fact, here’s how they are described by Lindsay and Alex:

Lindsay AlexBaman Piderman is a goofy, all-ages, traditionally animated series on Mondomedia … Full of friendship, absurdity, and a somewhat disconcerting level of continuity, Baman Piderman is a unique animated labor of love that has been weirding people out since 2008.

But Baman Piderman is  a whole lot of fun and the animation style is quite engaging. You can tell that a lot of effort (and love) has gone into each episode and you’ll find yourself humming the theme song at random points of your day.

Unlike DC Comics’ Batman and Marvel Comics’ Spider-man, Baman Piderman does not rake in millions and in fact Mondo Media, the company that distributed the show, cancelled the series with only a handful of episodes to go.

So Lindsay and Alex have taken to Kickstarter to fund the last 5 episodes. In fact, with nearly a month to go in the campaign, the project has been fully funded and now the creative team is offering a number of stretch goals, many of which have already been reached. The final goal (so far?) is an additional (6th) episode if they hit the $75,000 mark.

Baman Piderman Funded

There are 23 total episodes in the first two seasons; Watch them all right here.

Back the Baman Piderman project here.

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