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Back by Popular Demand

UPDATE: This webinar has also sold out.

A few months ago, the first Type webinar sold out a week before the event so Justin and Ed will be returning to present again A Semester of Type at 90 MPH on December 15, 2015.

The webinar is produced in conjunction with RISD Alumni Association and is available to anybody interested in getting a much better understanding of typography. Here’s the description of the class:

Typography is an increasingly important skill for everyone from print and web designers, to photographers and illustrators, so here’s your chance to cram a semester into 90 minutes. This webinar is designed for those with little to no experience with typography (or those who feel a bit rusty). We’ll go over the history of type, common terminology, classifying faces, the basics of layout, where to find free quality fonts, and tips that will make the type in your projects look sharp and professional.

We hope you will join us.

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