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Advanced Freelance

Justin Perricone and I will be presenting a new webinar called Advanced Freelance on April 8 for RISD. The webinar picks up after our other webinar Ready, Set, Freelance and the concept is that once your creative business has gotten going, what do you do next? Where should you concentrate your efforts? How do you keep your business not only going forward but going up?

The webinar is an hour (April 8, 6:30-7:30 p.m. EST) and anyone who has attended our previous webinars will know that there will be a truckload of info imparted. Many ideas, much food for thought and plenty of links for further investigation.

Anyone can attend. Sign up HERE.

The description:

Taking your business to the next leveldoor key

Freelance businesses take time to get going but once you’ve gotten over that small business hump (where you’re starting everything from scratch) and you begin humming along, where do you go from there? What’s next for you and your business? It’s time to take your creative business to the next level. Learn strategies to create long-term clients, attract new, quality projects and stand out from the rest of the freelance crowd.

We will cover:

  • Better communication
  • Expanding/branching out
  • Relationship building
  • Creating excellent presentations
  • Building your brand across all media
  • Customer service dos and don’ts
  • Weeding out the trouble clients
  • An elevator pitch that convinces
  • Collecting Sales and Use tax
  • Marketing and promoting
  • and so much more!

Whether you’re new to freelance or you’ve been working for years, join us to see how much further you can take your creative business.

Anyone can attend. Sign up HERE.

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