A Foot in the Door at Top Cow’s Talent Hunt

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A Foot in the Door at Top Cow’s Talent Hunt

Mark W. Slater inks over Francis Manapul's pencils

Mark W. Slater's inks over Francis Manapul's pencils

What we all need is a foot in the door somewhere. Whether it’s the door to an ad agency, a local shop or a publisher, a door that’s even slightly open to us raises our chances of getting the job.

If you’re looking to break into the field of comic book publishing, then until December 31, 2012, your foot is securely wedged in the Top Cow doorway because the Talent Hunt (which we talked about a few months ago) is going on right now.

I reached out to President/COO Matt Hawkins with some follow-up questions to get those who are planning to submit to the hunt just a little more info.

(Matt offers his general advice to writers and artists HERE)

ED How has the hunt been going? Have you been getting many submissions or does it seem like people are waiting until closer to the last minute?

MH We’ve received quite a few thus far but I don’t have an exact count.  I’m sticking them all in a folder and will be reviewing them all when I get back into the office after the new year.

ED There are always people who skip reading the rules of contests/searches. What have you seen to reflect this?

MH Well people constantly ask me the same questions on twitter or facebook that are answered in the document. It can be annoying, but I answer them anyway. I was going to update the document but it was already so widely distributed and the contest is almost over that I didn’t see the point.

ED You have said that no results will be announced until after December 31 (the deadline) and then you’ll be going through the submissions in January. What will be your process for reviewing and choosing the “winners”? Who else will have a say?

MH Everyone at Top Cow will have some form of participation. Marc (Silvestri) will help me pick the artists and I’ll be reviewing most of the writers myself.

ED By what date are you hoping/planning to announce the “winners” and how will you do it? 

MH End of January. We don’t know how we’re going to announce it yet. The winners will know they won before we make any sort of public proclamation.

ED When writing the Top Cow universe, should writers be working with the post Artifacts universe or is it all on the table? 

MH Post only, we have no interest in pre for now.

ED Why do you want to know if someone has been previously published?

MH Because the intent of this was to find unpublished people and give them an opportunity to show their work to a larger audience.

ED What would you say to someone who is on the fence about submitting?

MH Why not?  If you’ve got an interest in being in the comics industry there aren’t many opportunities like this.  Blindly submitting is pretty pointless if you’re a writer.

ED Finally, what types of helpful questions are you getting the most?

MH People just want to know what we’re looking for and I tried to elaborate on that in the podcasts and in my posts.  We know what we’re doing with the artifact bearers not listed so we want people to come up with takes and stories on the characters on the list.

ED Thanks so much Matt.

Matt offers his advice to writers and artists HERE

You can tweet with Matt at @topcowmatt