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Top Cow Talent Hunt

Top Cow, publishers of comics such as The Darkness, Witchblade and Cyberforce are looking for some new talent to join their ranks.

From President/COO Matt Hawkins:

“We are looking to hire two writers and two artists to do paid work for the company in 2013/2014. The goal of the Talent Hunt is to find two previously UNPUBLISHED writers and artists and give them a chance to expose their work to the comic industry in the printed and digital formats. The comics industry is an awesome one to work in… both Marc Silvestri and I thought about this and realized that at some point someone gave us a chance. We’re looking to do the same for a few people.”

There are a bunch of guidelines such as- DON’T send them drawings of Batman. They want to see you draw THEIR characters.

“You need to submit art samples and story samples ONLY based on these characters listed (below). Any submissions that do NOT feature these characters or that feature these characters AND other characters* not on this list will not be reviewed and the submission discarded. I’m willing to bet that most of the submissions we receive will be for Tom Judge. If you want to stand out, try one of the others.”

Sabine (Wheel of Shadows)
Glorianna Silver (The Ember Stone)
Michael Finnegan (The Glacier Stone)
Ian Nottingham (Blood Sword)
Ji Xi ( 13th artifact)
Pandora’s Box wielder TBD
Tom Judge (Rapture)

The talent search will run through 12/31/12 and no decisions will be made until after that date so they strongly urge you to take your time.

The Rules and Requirements

Submission Form

Good luck!

*For clarification on “other characters” please see the comments below


  1. Al says:

    I was going to hit Matt up on Twitter but figured having an answer here could prove helpful to anyone else with the Q, which is regarding this section:

    “Any submissions that do NOT feature these characters or that feature these characters AND other characters not on this list will not be reviewed and the submission discarded. ”

    Does that mean your chosen character has to either be the only character present or interact solely with those on the list? Meaning any random Joe Schmoe crossing their path will disqualify you? Thanks for the clarification.

  2. Jason says:

    Just to clarify: A story which features Ji Xi, in which he has a two-panel conversation with a generic monk (a “character not on this list”). Disqualified?

  3. Ed says:

    It’s a great question. Makes perfect sense to be able to include random humans in your stories/art, otherwise there will be no interacting going on. But just in case, I reached out to Matt via Twitter and I’ll post his response as soon as I get it.

  4. Ed says:

    I asked for clarification on whether writers and artists might be allowed to include ‘humans’ for interaction and here’s the response I got from Matt Hawkins at Top Cow via Twitter (@topcowmatt):

    “@CreativeRelay yes that is fine I meant mainly no Witchblade, Darkness, Angelus, Magdalena…”

    So go ahead and add in other people for color and interaction (I’d say that’s very necessary- wouldn’t you?) but skip adding in other properties.

    Best of luck!

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