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About Our Webinars

hen[capc ltr="W"] some people hear the word “webinar,” their mind instantly conjures up thirty minute sales pitches disguised as content. Thankfully, you’ll never get that with Creative Relay.

How are Creative Relay Webinars different?
We are always on the lookout for talented people that we think have a lot to say. Then we work with them to find a sort of narrative to distill their years of experience into something the creative community can learn from. During this process we’re always thinking about how to make it perfect for a webinar, not trying to shoehorn a seminar. It’s relaxed, informative, and fun.

What’s the format of a webinar?
During the webinar, a host introduces the featured presenter as well as moderates questions directly from the audience. Again, unlike other webinars, we try to make ours as interactive as possible. Using the chat and messaging features, you can ask questions, take part in polls, and have discussions with other participants all while links, references, and other tid-bits stream by live. And if you have any technical problems, we have a member of the Creative Relay team on hand to get you up and running.

How do I attend a webinar?
First, you need to register. Find the webinar you’re interested in and sign up. You’ll then receive the log-in information. Get registered and show up about 15-20 minutes before it’s scheduled to start. This will allow you to make sure everything is working properly and give us time to run you through troubleshooting if necessary.

So, you provide support?
Sure do! Before, during and after the webinar, our team is here to make sure you can get in and see the show. You’ll receive all the contact info you need just in case you’re having any difficulties.

What kind of hardware is required?
For the most part, nothing special. Just a high-speed internet connection and a modest desktop or laptop. If your computer is capable of watching YouTube videos or making Skype calls without too much hassle, you should be more than ready to attend a webinar. If you’re using a laptop, we do suggest using a comfy set of headphones or ear buds.

Anything we didn’t cover? Drop us a line!

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